In the end – can the new software do what the user needs?

It takes some time for everyone to get used to the fact that in an agile project, on one day the traffic light is red because not a single user story has been implemented and the next day it is on green again because suddenly a breakthrough has been achieved. Quality management also needs to be aligned with the overall dynamic. A clumsy quality process must not slow down the progress, but it also needs to limit messy results.

In theory, agile project management is closer to the customer, the user. However, under real project circumstances it often happens that the wrong decisions are made. Ultimately, this can translate into expensive change requests. Realistic milestones are still important to make sure time, resources and budgets are allocated according to the initial plan, and the project delivers what it promised. 

I am happy to work with your project team to find a suitable project approach. We will secure project results to meet your organization‘s needs.